The Russell Martin Foundation is a registered charity that works to impact positively upon the lives of children and young people through sport, education and opportunity.

The Russell Martin Foundation is built with the entire community at our heart, with the greatest intention to truly change the lives of young people through our work, building a legacy we believe that our vision shall inspire others today for the benefit of tomorrow.

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Russell Martin Academy: Latest Session Information

MondayDevelopment CentreHove Park 3g 17.00-18.307-9No All Welcome£35/£40 Per Month
Monday Development Centre Hove Park 3g18.30-20.0010-12No All Welcome £35/£40 Per Month
Tuesday Futsal Shoreham Academy Sports Centre 17.00-18.007-9No Beginners £25 Per Month
TuesdayFutsalShoreham Academy Sports Centre 18.00-19.009-10NoIntermediate £25 Per Month
Tuesday Futsal Shoreham Academy Sports Hall 19.00-20.0010-12No Invite only £25 Per Month
TuesdayGirls Only Session Shoreham Academy 3g18.00-19.007-12NoAll Welcome£25 Per Month
Tuesday Development Centre Warden Park 3g17.30-19.007-14NoAll Welcome - £25 Per Month
WednesdayElite SessionShoreham Academy 3g18.00-19.308-14NoInvitation Only£35/£40 Per Month
Wednesday Goal Keeping Shoreham Academy 3g18.00-19.3011-14NoAdvanced £35/£40 Per Month
WednesdayProfession DevelopmentHove Park 3g18.00-19.309-12NoInvitation Only£35/£40 Per Month
FridayGoal Keeping Centre Hove Park 3g17.30-18.307-10Yes All Welcome £35/£40 Per Month
FridayGoal Keeping Centre Hove Park 3g18.30-19.3011-16Yes All Welcome £35/£40 Per Month
FridayDevelopment CentreShoreham Academy18.00-19.307-15NoAll Welcome£35/£40 Per Month
FridayAdvanced/EliteDorothy Stringer School18.30-20.0014-16NoInvitation Only£35/£40 Per Month
Saturday Rmf Wildcats Girls Session Hove Park 3g 11.00-12.005-12noAll welcome £15 Per Month
SaturdayRmf Wildcats Girls Session Lewes 3G Rookery9.00-10.005-12NoAll Welcome£15 Per month
SaturdayDevelopment Centre Lewes 3g Rookery 10.00-11.305-14NoAll Welcome£25.00 Per month