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About RMF

The Russell Martin Foundation is a registered charity that works to impact positively upon the lives of children and young people through sport, education and opportunity.

The Russell Martin Foundation is built with the entire community at our heart, with the greatest intention to truly change the lives of young people through our work, building a legacy we believe that our vision shall inspire others today for the benefit of tomorrow.


RM Academy

For 5-19 year olds, providing opportunities for young people of all abilities to maximise their enjoyment and potential in football through a range of different methods, challenges and activities.Read More »

RM Education & Training

Committed to the development of creating future community role models and supporting local enterprise through opportunities provided to 11-25 year olds.Read More »

RM Health & Fitness

Programmes and initiatives targeting an array of challenges faced by young people, such as employability, active lifestyles, nutrition, mental health and drug awareness.Read More »


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We are forever grateful for our local communities working to support us.

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Every penny and pound donated to RMF is a step towards changing multiple lives of young people across Sussex. As a registered charity, donations are integral in supporting to fund much of our important work. You can donate online here or find out more by emailing: info@rmfoundation.co.uk.


Football for all – Provide inclusive opportunities for young people to use football as a tool for active participation.
Create legacy – Embed the voice of children and young people into our Foundation DNA. Empowering our Young Ambassadors to be innovative and responsible for driving positive cultural change in their local communities.
Tackle key issues – Address important challenges faced by young people. Prioritising our social responsibility in supporting solutions for health and wellbeing issues commonly seen within younger populations.