EXTRA TIME PROJECT “A child I was working with had the opportunity to attend the Extra Time Project and the positive changes this had on the child were incredible. His confidence and self-esteem were much improved and it was event that he had learnt new skills that ensured he could transition back into mainstream school successfully. Staff were experienced and knew how to provide the relevant care and education to suit the child’s needs” 

Social Worker - West Sussex.

EXTRA TIME PROJECT “We are now on our 3rd cohort of students attending The Russell Martin Foundation, Extra Time Project. All students that have taken part in the intervention have come back very positive about their experience and parents have also noticed a change in their child, whether it be confidence, self-esteem or general attitude. The smaller classes and individually targeted work is perfect for students that need a little help in continuing on their learning journey. School and parents receive a weekly report on each child, which gives which us an insight to how they are getting on and it is great to see the student’s comments. The reintegration process is excellent as it is done slowly over a 4 week period. This helps students reintegrate back into the Felpham Community College way of life, ready to return full-time. The strategies and techniques that have worked with the students at RMF have been implemented once back at school. Weekly ‘check in’ meetings by a member of staff from RMF work really well as the students can talk about what’s going well and what can be improved.” – Mark Anstiss, Head of Felpham Community College.

Mark Anstiss - Head of Felpham Community College

RMA “I’m one of the coaches for Lindfield under 9s and have been really impressed with all the Russell Martin training. It’s well organised and the kids love it.”

D. Young - Player Parent

RMA “You are the best coach ever.”

D.Faires - Player

RMA “Lastly, sorry to waffle, just wanted to reiterate how fantastic all the RM sessions are and how all the coaches are fantastic...Jack is loving his football.”

K. Richardson – Player Parent

RMA “Thank you for inviting Fraser to this game, he really enjoyed it. He has been really happy during his time at RMA and always comments on how good the coaches are.”

R. Byford – Player Parent