The Connor Saunders Foundation visit ETP

Brighton ETP was visited last week by the Connor Saunders Foundation, who presented them with a Defibrillator for their building in Carlton Hill.

Connor’s Mum, Darran Saunders delivered a powerful and emotional talk about Connor and the incident which lead to his sad death. Darran gave a talk about anti violence and the impact of dangerous acts on families and the broader community.

Pupils were given insight into how a fist clenched or actions based in anger can change the lives of all those surrounding us. The pupils had a much better understanding of the consequences and outcomes of violent behaviour after the talk and were impassioned to continue their positive changes and choices in their behaviour.

Pupils were lucky enough to receive practical First Aid Training with Qualified Nurse Sarah and learnt about the functions of our new defibrillator.

The Connor Saunders Foundation will be visiting our other Centres in Worthing and Chichester in June.

Our Brighton pupils chose The Connor Saunders Foundation to be their charity of choice for their enterprise week later this term.

Link: Promote Peace - The Connor Saunders Foundation (

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The Connor Saunders Foundation visit ETP

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