Russell Martin Foundation and Saints Foundation Join Forces for Community Impact

On Tuesday 20th February, ahead of the Southampton vs Hull City game, CEO Alan Sanders and Director of Programmes Jane Coleman from the Russell Martin Foundation, met with Greg Baker, CEO of the Saints Foundation. This meeting marked an exciting opportunity for collaboration and knowledge exchange between the two charitable organisations.

Alan Sanders, CEO of the Russell Martin Foundation, expressed his enthusiasm for the meeting, stating, “As a registered charity, we are always looking to work with and learn from similar organisations so that we can serve our own community in the best possible way.” Sanders highlighted the importance of sharing ideas to better support vulnerable members of society. He emphasised the privilege it was for their team to witness first hand the inner workings of the Saints Foundation, renowned for its success in community engagement.

In response, Greg Baker, CEO of the Saints Foundation, echoed Sanders, “It was great to meet with Alan and Jane from the Russell Martin Foundation before our game against Hull City.” He expressed delight in exchanging examples of impactful projects and interventions, recognising the profound difference they make in thousands of lives across their respective communities. Baker confirmed the Saints Foundation’s eagerness to establish a mutually beneficial relationship with the Russell Martin Foundation moving forward.

By sharing what they know and working together, the Russell Martin Foundation and the Saints Foundation can help even more people who need support in their local communities.

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Russell Martin Foundation and Saints Foundation Join Forces for Community Impact

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