RMA Triumphs at Gothia Cup 2023

RMA had an incredible journey to the Gothia Cup 2023 in Sweden, where they proudly sent three teams to compete, the U14s, U15s, and U16s. The U15s showcased their exceptional skills, teamwork and determination, emerging winners and clinching the tournament's plate title. It was a remarkable achievement for the young team and a testament to their hard work.

The U14s and U16s teams also had commendable performances, making it to the last 32, which is an impressive feat considering the level of competition at such a tournament.

The trip was undoubtedly a special one for the players and staff of RMA. They not only demonstrated their talent on the field but also showcased great sportsmanship and represented themselves and the academy on and off the pitch in an exemplary manner.

The players' efforts and accomplishments were recognised and celebrated not only by themselves, and coaches but also by their families who warmly welcomed them back at the airport with banners, expressing their pride and joy for the memorable achievement.

Undoubtedly, the memories made during this trip will stay with the players and staff for a lifetime, serving as a source of inspiration and motivation for their future in football. The success and experiences gained from the Gothia Cup 2023 will be a driving force for the players' growth and development in the game.

During the thrilling Gothia Cup 2023, a total of 1878 teams boys and girls from 69 different nations took part in the competition, engaging in a staggering 4471 matches across various age groups.

Out of all the English teams, RMA stood out as the only team to bring home a trophy.

Being the only English team to win at such a renowned event is a remarkable achievement, and it further highlights RMA's commitment to nurturing young talent. The players, staff, and everyone associated with RMA have every reason to be immensely proud of this significant accomplishment.

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RMA Triumphs at Gothia Cup 2023

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