RMA are going to the Gothia Cup

The Russell Martin Academy Coaches will be taking five of our academy squads for the first time to Gothenburg, Sweden for the Gothia Cup, also known as The World Youth Cup.

The tournament will take place from the 14th – 20th July and will feature more than 1,600 teams from over 80 different nations across the globe, so it’s a great honour for our teams to be participating in such a prestigious event.

Preparations for the tournament are already underway as the five squads had their first Gothia Cup training camp a couple of weeks, which was a great success.

Our CEO, Alan Sanders is very excited for our squads, “I am delighted that so many of our players are going to be able to participate at the Gothia Cup this year. I know from past experience that taking part in this competition will provide wonderful memories that they are unlikely to forget.”

RMF is also seeking a company to sponsor this event which will provide an essential kit for all the players and help make this opportunity of a lifetime. This is a fantastic opportunity for a company to receive maximum exposure.

If you know anyone that would like to become a sponsor for this prestigious event, please contact our team info@rmfoundation.co.uk / 01273 591364.

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RMA are going to the Gothia Cup

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