Extra Time Project Returns with two new schools!

Extra Time Project Returns with two new schools!

As schools across the country are returning, our first cohort of the 2020/21 educational year have embarked on their journey with ‘The Extra Time Project’. With the addition of pupils now being referred from Longhill High school and Cardinal Newman Catholic school, our project now holds capacity for 16 pupils from across all ten secondary schools in the city of Brighton & Hove.

Alternative provision manager, Tom Betts, had the following to say: ‘We are incredibly proud of the development and progressive journeys our pupils were able to undertake with the project during the 2019/20 educational year. The commitment from the pupils and understanding they showed in wanting to change negative behaviours and work as a group to build their new ‘targeted mindsets’ for a return to school was exceptional. Unfortunately, Covid-19 had the project close its doors in mid-March 2020, but following the impressive results and turn arounds that we had been able to work collectively on with the pupils and staff at the project has allowed us to welcome Longhill and CNCS to our network of schools we work with’.

The projects curriculum has been developed and ‘refreshed’ for 2020/21, starting with the addition of qualified teacher Harry Millar, the projects new core subject lead delivering Maths, English and Science, whilst the social, emotional and mental wellbeing of the pupils journeys has continued under the guidance of Jane Coleman (Assistant Manager).

Jane states that ‘having the availability and flexibility of 5 staff members on site really allows us to engage fully with our young pupils. As much as they are with us to learn and continue their educational journey, it is important for the pupils to understand their emotions and why they may respond in certain actions of behaviours – leading to them getting into trouble back in mainstream school. Having this knowledge allows them to open up with us, and buys into the groups development of togetherness on the 12 week journey. The mentor programme allows the pupils to get to know and build a safe relationship with a member of staff on the provision and helps document the young persons journey over the 12 weeks with us”.

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Extra Time Project Returns with two new schools!

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