ETP Students are going green

Sustainability is becoming part of everyday life at the ETP Centres.

At the Russell Martin Foundation, we are passionate about environmental education and offer a range of engaging lessons centered around key environmental issues. Our curriculum covers important topics such as plastics, carbon footprint, fossil fuels, food packaging, and the decline of local wildlife. In addition to classroom learning, we are committed to making a positive impact in our local community, which is why we organise regular beach and park clean-up events, particularly at Brighton beach, to promote waste reduction and protect our precious natural resources.

We encourage our students to explore and develop ways in which they can reduce their carbon footprint, whether it's through sustainable transportation or implementing energy-efficient practices at home. We believe that by engaging young people in these important conversations, we can create a generation of informed and responsible citizens who are equipped to tackle the environmental challenges facing our planet.

In addition to our work in the community, we are also proud to be involved with the upkeep of a community garden close by, which provides our students with valuable opportunities to learn about biodiversity and sustainability through practical gardening activities. Our commitment to environmental education has not gone unnoticed, as we are currently working towards a bronze sustainability award with the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB). This recognition would be a testament to our dedication to promoting sustainable living practices and would inspire us to continue making positive changes in our community and beyond.

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ETP Students are going green

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