KS4 Sport and Physical Activity Programme


Level 1 Qualifications, in Sport Leadership and Mental Health Awareness.  Every school in the City of Brighton & Hove have successfully taken up places on these courses. Pupils are offered education away from their mainstream schools and completed a Level 1 Qualification within the programme's 10 week period. This programme is 2 days per week.

Your contact for the Brighton & Hove Key Stage 4, is Lucas Rodrigues. You can email Lucas at: Lucas.Rodrigues@RMFoundation.co.uk


Commencing in September 2023. Pupils will recieve 2 days per week for a 10 week period in order to obtain a level 1 qualification. These programmes will offer Active IQ in Sports Leadership and Mental Health Awareness.

For more information about joining this course, please contact Aithne Missirian at: Aithne.Missirian@RMFoundation.co.uk