Russell Martin Foundation announces its partnership with college recruitment organisation JRS-USA

John Robinson, Executive Operations Director at John Robinson Soccer USA (JRS-USA) and former Premier League, Championship and International football player, will return to his Sussex roots this November to promote the new partnership between his US-based college recruitment organisation JRS-USA and the Russell Martin Foundation (RMF).

JRS-USA currently offer the students the opportunity to further their careers and continue their development by utilising the growing demand for international soccer players in American colleges. By placing students in these American colleges, they not only receive an education and the invaluable experience of international travel but a real chance of making it into the professional game.

RMF, a registered charity, is built on the idea of community and works to positively impact the lives of children and young people through sport and education, regardless of age, gender or disability. Providing young people with the opportunity to use football to improve their health, well-being and socialisation, RMF address key challenges commonly seen in younger generations towards healthy living and prioritises their responsibility in providing a solution.

The new partnership will help to pave the way for college soccer scholarships in the USA and helps to further RMF’s commitment to improving the lives of young aspiring soccer players, led by an impressive staff of former professionals, former college players and college coaches at JRS-USA.

Chief Executive Alan Sanders commented: “I am really excited by this new venture that John has set up. As someone who has had a career as the Head of Physical Education Department at a further education college, and then in professional football, I have always felt that the process for aspiring young footballers to get a scholarship into a university in the USA has been difficult. To put it simply, John has come up with the answer and not only that, he has kept the cost to a minimum. It is a fantastic opportunity for young UK students.”

JRS-USA Executive Operations Director John Robinson said: “I am excited to be extending my working relationship with Russell Martin and his staff. In 2017 Russell Martin Academy & Elite Soccer Academy (based in the USA) formed a partnership. After our discussions on my last visit to the UK with CEO Alan about our “exclusivity” in Europe to the College Fit Finder recruitment player portal, and the vision of JRS-USA, I am pleased that we are now able to form the partnership with Russell Martin Foundation. Their commitment to offering their players further football opportunities and possibly life-changing experience is commendable, and an organization that JRS-USA wants to continue to build a strong relationship with over the years. We are looking forward to working with their members and staff. Details of our 1st College Showcase Player ID event will be released very soon.”

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