The Russell Martin Foundation is a registered charity that works to impact positively upon the lives of children and young people through sport, education and opportunity.

The Russell Martin Foundation is built with the entire community at our heart, with the greatest intention to truly change the lives of young people through our work, building a legacy we believe that our vision shall inspire others today for the benefit of tomorrow.

The Aims of The Russell Martin Foundation

The Russell Martin Foundation is a non-pro t organisation (registered charity number 1174134) based in Brighton & Hove which uses the power of football to help change people’s lives. It was set up by professional footballer Russell Martin (originally as the Russell Martin Academy), who wanted to give something back to the city in which he was born.

The main aims of the charity are: 

  • To provide football for all
  • To use an inclusive approach to provide people opportunities to use football as a tool for active participation and to improve their education, health and well-being
  • To provide high-quality provision
  • To ensure that our provision allows people to reach their full potential
  • To provide maximum support to the people we work with
  • To ensure that all of our provision is delivered in a welcoming, safe and supportive environment 

A word from our founder

“The Russell Martin Foundation shall dedicate its work to the benefit of all children and young people. We want to inspire future generations through sport and opportunity, keeping kids active and healthy. We want to work with all children regardless of age, gender or disability helping them to enjoy, learn and fulfil their potential.”
Russell Martin, Founder of RMF

Our Partners

Could your business or organisation benefit from receiving consistent and high-profile publicity 7 days per week across Sussex whilst working alongside one of the fastest growing charitable sport and young persons’ foundation in the South of England?

The Russell Martin Foundation has a variety of advertisement and sponsorship opportunities bespoke tailored to the needs of our partners. Whether it be a kit sponsorship, project sponsorship or perhaps naming rights for our annual RMF Summer Cup we have a package and an experience to suit your budget.

• With over 360+ members aged 7-19 within our Academy
• An entirely innovative range of education and training programmes
• A vast array of health initiatives throughout Sussex communities
• Multiple high-level exposure community festivals and events throughout the year
• Vast contact reach through our dedicated social media following
• Regular exposure within the Argus (Brighton & Hove), Shoreham Herald and Mid Sussex Times

For more information regarding advertisement and sponsorship opportunities please call +44 (0)1273 591364